Welcome to Kozak Designs! We are a company dedicated to bringing you the finest Ukrainian Kozak Warrior collectibles! 

Our new line of collectibles will feature everything you ever wanted in an authentic Kozak statue: breathtaking detail, action oriented poses and historical accuracy. After years of shopping for Kozak statues worldwide, we never found the kind of quality miniature sculptures that truly satisfied us. Although we each owned a collection of Kozak statues that were adequate, they all left us wanting for more: More detail, more accuracy and more action! We never found what we were truly looking for, so we decided to take matters into our own hands by creating the Kozak Designs Company. Our statues reflect a proud Ukrainian heritage and display Kozaks worthy of bearing the Tryzub! We will continue to painstakingly research our designs so that our statues reflect historical accuracy. Kozak Designs is currently planning a line of limited edition collectibles that will look perfect in your home or office and will also make a great gift for the Kozak Warrior in your family!

Our blog will debut upcoming statues and collectibles as we are in production. We encourage you to offer your opinions and comments during the design process as we expand our line, so be on the lookout for opportunities to share your input. You can leave comments to share your thoughts with others. In addition to collectibles, we will also talk about all things Kozak! So please follow our blog, share with friends and most importantly, buy a Kozak Designs statue as we continue to reveal more exciting Ukrainian collectibles!

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